Case Study – Surveillance


A private client from Abu Dhabi contracted 2020 Protection Services to provide comprehensive surveillance services for a three-week project. The client required round-the-clock surveillance, both on foot and mobile, to ensure their safety and security during their stay.

The Challenge:

The primary challenge was maintaining constant vigilance over clients’ movements and surroundings, ensuring their safety in various environments and situations. The project required a highly skilled and discreet team capable of operating effectively in stationary and mobile surveillance roles.

Our Solution:

2020 Protection Services assembled a specialized team comprising ex-military personnel with extensive surveillance and close protection backgrounds. Leveraging their combat-proven skills and experience, the team underwent extensive briefing and debriefing to ensure proficiency in both foot and mobile surveillance techniques and the use of advanced surveillance equipment.

The Implementation:

The surveillance operation commenced with meticulous planning and coordination to establish optimal surveillance routes and positions. The team, comprised of seasoned ex-military personnel, utilized their tactical expertise to identify strategic observation points and anticipate potential security threats.

The on-foot surveillance teams, led by former military operatives, maintained discreet observation points near the client’s residence, places of interest, and travel routes. They employed covert communication methods and tactical awareness honed from their military service to relay real-time information to the command centre.

Simultaneously, the mobile surveillance units, operated by skilled ex-military drivers and operators, conducted proactive patrols in the surrounding areas. Equipped with advanced surveillance technology and tactical vehicles, they maintained constant surveillance of the client’s surroundings while remaining prepared to respond swiftly to emerging threats.

The Results:

Throughout the three-week project, 2020 Protection Services, led by a team of experienced ex-military personnel, successfully provided round-the-clock surveillance for the client. The client could conduct their activities and engagements with confidence, knowing they were under the watchful eye of a highly skilled and disciplined security team.

Despite operating in diverse and challenging environments, the surveillance teams, comprised of ex-military professionals, maintained high professionalism and vigilance. No security incidents or breaches were reported during the project’s duration, demonstrating the effectiveness of the surveillance measures implemented by 2020 Protection Services’ ex-military team.

In Conclusion:

2020 Protection Services demonstrated its capability to deliver comprehensive surveillance solutions tailored to the specific needs of high-profile clients. Through meticulous planning, skilled execution, and the expertise of its ex-military personnel, the company ensured the safety and security of the private client from the UAE throughout their stay.

The success of this project reaffirms 2020 Protection Services’ commitment to excellence in security and surveillance, establishing it as a trusted partner for clients seeking premium protection services delivered by a team of seasoned ex-military professionals.

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