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Door Supervision

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Door Supervision Services: Ensuring Safety and Security at Your Entrances

At 2020 Protection Services Ltd., we understand the critical importance of maintaining a safe and secure environment at your entrances. Our door supervision services provide highly trained and professional doormen or door supervisors who excel in controlling access, maintaining order, and ensuring the safety of your premises.


Expert Door Supervisors Dedicated to Your Security

Our door supervision team consists of experienced and licensed professionals who are trained to handle various scenarios and maintain a welcoming but secure atmosphere. They possess excellent communication skills, conflict resolution abilities, and a vigilant eye for potential risks.

Key Features of Our Door Supervision Services

  1. Access Control Management: Our door supervisors are skilled in managing access to your premises. They verify identifications, check credentials, and enforce entry protocols, ensuring that only authorized individuals are granted access. By taking charge of access control, they help prevent unauthorized entry and maintain the safety of your facility.
  1. Crowd Management and Queue Control: Whether it’s a busy event or a bustling venue, our door supervisors have the expertise to manage crowds effectively. They ensure orderly entry and exit, prevent overcrowding and handle any situations that may arise, providing a smooth flow of people while maintaining safety and security.
  1. Conflict Resolution: Our door supervisors are trained in conflict resolution techniques to defuse tense situations professionally and swiftly. They are adept at handling difficult individuals

Call us today 0330 808 1972

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