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This would generally depend on the job specification, expectations and location. As one of our fundamental rules we take the safety of our staff very seriously; as such we would prefer to be given the opportunity to carry out a risk assessment of the location to ensure that any Health and Safety risks are highlighted and that instructions on what you the client requires as a service, are fully understood by us and passed on to our Operative. With that in mind, we would require 48 hrs from the request call to the deployment of the operative. However, we do recognise that there are instances when Risk Assessment cannot be done so we would make a calculated decision on the deployment of operatives at short notice roughly around 24hrs from the emergency request call.
All Security Operatives would have gone through the approved SIA training program and would have successfully applied for and received their badge. Our recruiting process will be initiated once they have made an initial application to us for a position. Our recruiting process takes on various stages that can be found here
2020 will always foster a flexible working relationship with our clients so we understand that flexibility is key to a successful partnership. The extension of working hours can always be requested in writing and will go into effect within 24hrs of such a request. We appreciate that 24 hours’ notice is not always possible in cases of emergency cover, therefore we would attempt to accommodate such requests. We use both Spot Purchase and Service Level Agreements for the provision of a Security Operative which can range from a one-off shift to a set amount of days/weeks/months all year round. Under some circumstances we can provide you with a stand-by service for a smaller fee, rather than a full time Security Operative.
• Accountability is at the heart of what we offer as a service
• We have established and effective procedures to safeguard against no show of guards
• Constant communication will always ensure any changes to personnel or shifts you will be informed immediately.
• Shift alerts prior to the beginning of each shift.
Our strengths lay anywhere within the M25
To eliminate guess work and errors when working out your unique service cost, we will where possible carry out a risk assessment which will allow for the creation of a report that details how to minimise risk and improve security and safety. Following this we would detail expectations based on the sites requiring security. These processes would enable a favourable outcome, for all stakeholder, in relation to cost of Security Operative
• Electronic monitoring of all guards.
• Beacons or RFID tags.
• Hourly check in to control by Security Operatives whilst on site.
• Annually policy updates or amendments when there are operational changes.
With over 40000 manned security hours, 2020 has provided Security Operatives to a wide customer base from construction companies, retail outlets, private parties to working with various councils and housing support organisations for vulnerable adults and children services as well as Close Protection Operatives. So whatever your security requirements we are capable of fulfilling them.
Welfare facilities are the basics requirements that you as a client would need to provide in order to facilitate a Security Operative. This is a place or a unit (depending on site) where the Operatives have shelter and access to water, electricity and sanitation. If you are unable to provide this 2020 would assume responsibility to make these provisions and that would be reflected in the quote.
Yes, supervisory visits are made to the sites at least once every week during these visits a general check is made by the supervisor to ensure security are carrying out their duties as per their contractual agreement.
Clocking in and out is regulated and recorded by a Geo-fencing system. All Security Operatives use this technology to record their arrival and departure from the sites in which they have been assigned to, this software will also register the Operatives GPS proximity to the intended site.
Yes, all our security guards are issued with audio and video recording devices that are accessed only by the company supervisors. If you should require this information there is a request process that will need to be followed for this to be extracted and delivered to you. The operation and handling of data is compliant with BS8593 :2017
After an initial site reconnaissance by 2020 management a custom made document is produced based on these checks, the duties, roles and responsibilities that you the client expects from the Security Operative. All Security Operatives are then given a comprehensive induction to the site on their first shift based on the information.


You will be put on a probationary period of 3mth from the start of your first shift, your progress will be assessed on a month by month basis and any issues will be addressed in that period. After this regular assessment will be done at least once per year.
We do not supply uniform as yet, however, we work on the standard Security Operative wearing black suite, black shoes or boots and white or black shirt. However, we do provide bomber jackets and head wear whilst on duty
Once you have been assigned your first shift, you will be given an induction for that specific site. This will include but not limited to; Site’s Health and Safety, duties, roles and responsibilities, Site familiarity and so on.
Career development in the form of short courses designed to give the Security Operative the ability to gain knowledge in areas that they will find useful in the course of their duties.
Payment is made on the 25th of each month. If the 25th falls on a Sat, Sun or Bank Holiday you will be paid on the nearest working day to that date. The cut off period for each pay day is one working week before the 25th.
All our Security Operatives are equipped with bodycam while on duty. Patrols and shifts are monitored by handheld / lone worker devices and activities are monitored in real time. Signing on and off, shifts are designated to each Security Operative by a software program where shifts can be accepted.
Each site will have its own Assignment Instructions which will contain all the roles and responsibilities that is expected from you.


2020 holds Fully Comprehensive insurance £2m Public Liability and £10m Employer’s Liability. Details are available upon request or are usually included in the Security Operative Assignment Instructions Folder placed on every site 2020 operates on. If you as a client required enhanced cover, this can be arranged.
Absolutely. This is key to being looked upon as a reliable and trustworthy contractor. We are registered with ICO and our number is #ZA214433 we are also certified by Information Age as GDPR Compliant our numbers are: Certificate of Assurance # SA004127 and Cyber Essential # IASME A-08585:
Yes, the company is registered under the laws of the UK and our registration number is 9541753. 
VAT Registration No. 227 7163 04

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