A Decade Of Dedicated Security Partnership With Depaul UK

Client: Depaul UK  

Industry: Non-profit/Charity  

Duration of Partnership: Nearly a Decade  

Services Provided by 2020 Protection Services Ltd:  Manned Security Solutions

Client Background

Depaul UK is a charity organization that works to address homelessness and support vulnerable individuals. It operates in the United Kingdom and focuses on providing services to help people experiencing homelessness, especially young people.


Since 2015, 2020 Protection Services Ltd has been a steadfast security partner to Depaul UK, a prominent non-profit organization committed to addressing homelessness and supporting vulnerable individuals. This case study highlights the enduring collaboration, showcasing how our dedicated security services have evolved to meet the unique needs of Depaul UK.

Key Services Provided

Manned Security Solutions: 2020 Protection Services Ltd has been a proven reliable partner in providing skilled and vigilant security guards across multiple locations, ensuring the safety of Depaul UK’s staff, residents, and visitors.

Last-Minute Cover: Recognizing the dynamic nature of Depaul UK’s operations, our team has consistently delivered last-minute security cover to address unexpected needs such as staff sickness, emergencies and other instances such as during the public transport sector strikes.

Continuous Training Initiatives: To enhance the capabilities of our security personnel, 2020 Protection Services Ltd actively invests in ongoing training programs. Guards undergo courses in Mental Health Awareness, Drugs and Substance Abuse, Suicide Prevention and First Aid just to name a few. This ensures that even when social workers or case workers are not on-site, we have capable staff who can understand the needs of tenants and can respond with the due diligence and care needed in such sensitive circumstances.

Challenges Faced

A dynamic approach to security requirements: Depaul UK’s diverse range of facilities and clients presented dynamic security challenges, requiring adaptability and responsiveness from our security personnel.

Understanding the facilities: The sites we cover vary widely, each will come with its own particular set of challenges and solutions which require us to work closely with the management and staff at the location to ensure the best services and security expectations are met.

Ensuring a Supportive Environment: Depaul UK is committed to providing an open and welcoming environment for those seeking its support. Balancing this commitment with the need for robust security is a delicate task, and our security personnel are adept at navigating this balance. Their ability to foster a safe and supportive atmosphere while ensuring the security of all stakeholders is a testament to their skill and adaptability

Solutions Implemented

Tailored Security Protocols: 2020 Protection Services Ltd actively collaborated closely with Depaul UK hierarchy to develop customized security protocols for each location, addressing specific risks and concerns.

Investment in Training: Understanding the importance of specialized knowledge, our guards actively participated in courses focused on mental health, substance abuse, suicide prevention, and first aid.

Effective Communication: Regular communication channels were established to ensure real-time updates on security needs and changes in requirements.

Effective report writing:  report writing is a cornerstone of any professional security services and plays a pivotal role in maintaining a safe and secure environment. Correctly written reports provide a comprehensive record of incidents, providing a detailed account of events, including times, locations, and involved parties. This documentation is invaluable for future reference, investigations, and legal proceedings. Adherence to these principles ensures:

Effective communication and Information Sharing

Enhances client confidence

Serves as a valuable tool for training and improvement

Law enforcement: In 2020, we take great pride in fostering a collaborative and effective partnership with local law enforcement agencies to ensure our clients’ safety and security. Our dedicated and committed security staff plays a pivotal role in supporting and working seamlessly with the police in various investigations

Results Achieved

Proactive Incident Reduction: Through tailored security plans and continuous training, 2020 Protection Services Ltd contributed to a notable reduction in security incidents across Depaul UK’s facilities.

Positive Impact on the Environment: The integration of security measures with a compassionate approach has fostered a positive and supportive atmosphere within Depaul UK’s facilities.

Long-Term Partnership: The enduring collaboration between Depaul UK and 2020 Protection Services Ltd stands as a testament to the success of our adaptive and client-centric security services.


“For the past ten years, 2020 Protection Services Ltd has been an integral part of our commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment for those in need. Their dedicated guards, last-minute cover, and investment in training align perfectly with our mission. We value this enduring partnership and look forward to many more years of collaboration.”

— [Depaul UK Representative]

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